Chiefly known for: Trudeau Sanatorium Employee

In 1996 Historic Saranac Lake received a Collections Donation from Cecile Eagles. The donation consisted of a black vase with a silver inlay from the Trudeau Sanatorium. The donation was accompanied by a letter from Ms. Eagles. In her missive she explains her connection to the Sanatorium, "I really got my start in life up there. After high school I got a "job" in Trudeau San. Worked about 2 months, earned enough "$" to enter A.B. Hepburn Nursing school in Sept. Graduated in 1933-also received my R.N. worked for years and now am on my last leg of life's journey. I'll soon be 85 years old."

She received the vase from an elderly woman quite a few years ago and in 1996, Cecile Eagles was "...happy to have it go back to where it came from."

This information is from the Historic Saranac Lake Collection Files