Charles Harris with Emily Seaman Nagle. The boat is a Hacker Craft 1939 Dolphin. The flag of the Saranac Lake Boat and Waterways club is flying. John I. Kane's Adios II being driven (probably) by Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Harris Born:

Died: 1959

Married: Dorethea Harris

Charles C. Harris succeeded Lillia Babbitt Hyde as president of the Lillia Babbitt Hyde Foundation; the foundation supported the Trudeau School from 1939 to 1958. He inherited camp Point O’View from Lillia Babbitt Hyde. Clarence Hyde met Charles C. Harris when the latter was working in menswear at Saks Fifth Avenue; Hyde took a liking to Harris, and offered him a job in his company. According to Chip Nagle, Harris was able to succeed in business despite having only a third grade education; he made a lot of money for the Hydes. His name was often given as C. C. Harris.

With Edmond A. Guggenheim he served as co-associate chairmen of a fundraising drive for the benefit of the Saranac Lake General Hospital.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 18, 1957

Dr. Steenken said that the 42nd session of the Trudeau School for tuberculosis which was held in June this year was very successful. The School has been supported for many years by a contribution of $5,000 a year from the Lillia Babbit Hyde foundation of which Charles C. Harris is president. Mr. Harris spends his summers on Lower Saranac Lake end has long been interested in the Trudeau Foundation.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 5, 1958

The Trudeau School is conducted under the auspices of the Trudeau Foundation and all deficits in its operation are met by the Lillia Babbitt Hyde Foundation in New York City, through its president, Charles C. Harris, who is a summer resident in Saranac Lake. Mr. Harris has been a generous contributor to the Trudeau Foundation over a great many years.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 7, 1979

In 1941 the men's Ward of the Saranac Lake General Hospital was enlarged through funds made available by Charles C. Harris, president of the Hyde Foundation, in memory of Lillia Babbitt Hyde.


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