Born: October 20, 1913 in Witherbee, New York.



Children: Susan Gray

Charles Kolodzey was a patient at Ray Brook Sanatorium from January to March, 1952.

His daughter recalls being told that his father was at "Ray Brook Hospital" and had half of a lung removed, though his father never spoke of it. Recently he became aware of a bill that was sent from from Ray Brook State Tuberculosis Hospital, Ray Brook, N.Y. to the Essex County Department Public Welfare "for the care and maintenance of the following patients at $2.50 per day" listing, among others: CHARLES KOLODZEY was listed for the month of February 1-29, 1952 ... $72.50. He is then listed in March, from "1-21" and being discharged on 3/22/52.

The family lived in Grover Hills, Mineville, New York at that time.

Source: Susan Gray