Born: April 11, 1871, in Montreal, Quebec

Died: November 9, 1942

Married: Marguerite de Longue


Chiefly known for: An early patient at the Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium, Charles Armstrong became its fourth superintendent, following the retirement of his wife, Marguerite Armstrong. The couple lived on the grounds in the Superintendent's Cottage, built for them.

Lake Placid News, November 13, 1942


Had Been At Post 30 Years—Once In Hotel Business In Placid

Charles R. Armstrong, 71, superintendent of Trudeau sanatorium for 30 years, died Monday at his home in Trudeau. He had been in failing health for four years.

Mr. Armstrong was born in Montreal. He first came to Trudeau sanatorium as a patient in 1892.

It was during the time that Mr. Armstrong was a patient at Trudeau, that an interesting anecdote was told of his cure. He went bobsledding one day and broke his leg. During the 20 weeks that he was confined to bed, his lungs healed and afterward Mr. Armstrong often told of his first experience with rest for the cure of tuberculosis.

In 1903 after his recovery, Mr. Armstrong became associated with the hotel business at Lake Placid, Virginia Beach, Va., and Camden, S. C. His partner in the hotel business was Mr. Krumbholz [sic] and they were associated from 1903 to 1908.

In 1908, Mr. Armstrong returned to Trudeau to marry Miss Marguerite de Longue, who was then superintendent of Trudeau sanatorium.

Shortly after their marriage, Mr. Armstrong was made assistant treasurer of the sanatorium and on January 1, 1912, he succeeded Mrs. Armstrong as superintendent and has since served.

Mrs. Armstrong died at Trudeau in 1932.

Funeral services were conducted Wednesday.

According to his fuller obituary in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise (November 10, 1942), Charles Armstrong was buried in St. John's Cemetery in Paul Smiths, "in the plot beside Mrs. Armstrong." His name was omitted from the cemetery records, however.