The Chateaugay Railroad (or Railway) was created by the Chateaugay Iron Company in 1879 to build a narrow-gauge rail line from Lyon Mountain to Dannemora to move ore and charcoal for its iron-making operations. The line was extended to Standish in 1885, to Loon Lake in 1886, and to Saranac Lake in 1887. The Delaware and Hudson railroad financed the section to Saranac Lake, and then organized the dual-gauge Saranac and Lake Placid Railroad in 1890, opened in 1893; the standard-gauge section was run as a branch of the New York Central.

The D&H took control of the railroad in 1901, and in 1903, combined the Lake Placid line with the main line as the Chateaugay and Lake Placid Railway, and converted the entire line to standard gauge. The Saranac Lake to Lake Placid section was sold to the New York Central in 1946, and finally abandoned in 1972.

Malone Gazette, December 19, 1890

The Plattsburgh Republican is authority for the statement that the Chateaugay railroad is to be extended next spring to Miller's Hotel, at the foot of Lower Saranac Lake, where it will connect with a steamer running through the new lock to the Bartlett place on Round Lake, and thence by portage with a steamer on Upper Saranac Lake.


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