Born: c. 1860

Died: 1948

Married: Christine Sommerville Moody (or Christina Summerville) from Scotland, in 1866. (Either this date or the birthdate must be incorrect!)

Children: Alfred A. Moody, born about 1887

Cleveland Eugene Moody was the son of Daniel Moody, and a descendant of Jacob Moody, Saranac Lake's pioneer settler. According to a family history written by Cleveland's son, Alfred, (and repeated by Chuck Brumley in his book, Guides of the Adirondacks) Cleve Moody worked as a guide in the summer, and a caretaker in the winter for Dr. E. L. Trudeau of Saranac Lake. His guiding apparently took place in the Lower Saranac Lake area, and he was listed in a Stoddard guidebook in 1895. His wife Christina ran the house at 60 Lake Flower Avenue as a cure cottage — not an uncommon combination of spousal employment in Saranac Lake.

Brumley writes: "The family history describes Christine as governess for young Charlotte and Edward Trudeau 'four years preceding her marriage.' But the Trudeaus didn't get married until 1871, or settle in Saranac Lake until 1876."

It appears that the date of their marriage is incorrect, a typographical error, by at least 10 and perhaps 20 years. If he were actually born in 1860, and married in 1886, then his son would have been born a year later and Mrs. Moody might very well have worked for the Trudeaus before her marriage. As an immigrant from Scotland, she may even have began working for them in New York City, come up to the Adirondacks as the children's governess, and met her husband here when he also was working for them.