Clinton Avenue presently starts heading east from Franklin Avenue, turns south after a short block (previously named Pleasant Street), then turns west, where it crosses Franklin and ends at Shepard Avenue. On older maps, however, it simply runs south from Helen Street to South Street (which no longer exists); the first part of its course south from Helen is now signed as part of Fawn Street.

Old Address Post-911 Address Building Name Cure Evidence/Notes
Starts at Franklin Avenue
3 Clinton Avenue   Leggett Cottage 2 TBSWC, DIS (1911)
5 Clinton Avenue   West Cottage TBSWC
6 Clinton Avenue 17 Fawn Street Stuckman Cottage TBSBC, TBSWC
30 Clinton Avenu 15 Fawn Street    
37 Clinton Avenue 61 Clinton Avenue 37 Clinton Avenue TBSWC
39 Clinton Avenue 71 Clinton Avenue Adelaide Crapsey Cottage TBSBC
49 Clinton Avenue   Dunkirk Cottage DIS (1929)
Ends at Shepard Avenue