Address: 61 River Street

Old Address: 30 River Street

Other names:

Year built: c. 1896

Other information: A Queen Anne-style cure cottage. The south side consists of a one-story, engaged cure porch, enclosed with sliding glass windows. A smaller cure porch is located on the second story, above the eastern portion of the first-floor porch. The number of bedrooms and cure porches suggests its use as a sanatorium.

The cottage is named for an early owner, Hosea Colbath. It was registered in the village in 1906 and with the T.B. Society in the early twentieth century.

34 River Street was also referred to as the Colbath Cottage.

Interior Front Porch Facing South, February 1989This cottage was used for many years as a convent for the nuns who taught at St. Bernard's School.

Colbath Cottage, September 1991 North-East view

Second Floor Porch Interior February1989Culture stone shed, September 1991, North-East
Colbath Cottage, September 1991 East view

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