There were seven cottages in Saranac Lake that had contracts with the Veterans Administration for care of tubercular veterans after World War I and before Sunmount Veterans Administration Hospital was built in Tupper Lake. These included:

In a 1925 Jubilee Book of American Legion Post 614 was a full-page ad:

This Page Contributed by the Contract Sanatoria Named

Adams Sanatorium, 28 Front Street

Black Sanatorium, 64 Park Avenue

Clark Sanatorium, 84 Park Avenue

Carr Sanatorium, 38 Park Avenue

Cavanaugh Sanatorium, 49 Franklin Avenue

Delaney Sanatorium, 27 Cedar Street

Disco Sanatorium, 87 Broadway

Fraser Sanatorium, 34 Baker Street

Freeman Sanatorium, 5 Shepard Avenue

Greene Sanatorium, 38 Franklin Avenue

Garwood Sanatorium, 20 Front Street

Goldsborough Sanatorium, 28 Park Avenue

Gutshow Sanatorium, 1 Pine Street

Little Sanatorium, 17 St. Bernard Street

Leonard's Sanatorium, 54 Park Avenue

Miller Sanatorium, 8 Shepard Avenue

O'Connell Sanatorium, 24 Franklin Avenue

O'Brien Sanatorium, 9 1/2 Church Street

Perry Sanatorium, 50 Lake Street

Robinson Sanatorium, 47 Franklin Avenue

Rosemont Villa, Rosemont Avenue

Riddle Sanatorium, 9 Stevenson Lane

Sullivan Sanatorium, 175 Lake Street

Sageman Sanatorium, 30 Park Avenue

Smith Sanatorium, 54 Shepard Avenue

Schweid Sanatorium, 25 Riverside Drive

Smithwick Sanatorium, 60 Park Avenue

Tully Sanatorium, 164 Broadway

Ulmer Sanatorium, 70 Lake Street

Witherspoon Sanatorium, 3 Kiwassa Road

Walter Sanatorium, 46 Shepard Avenue

Waldock Sanatorium, 26 Church Street

NOTE--These Sanatoria are first class boarding houses which are under contract to the U. S. Veterans' Bureau to take care of disabled was veterans, in addition to being  open to the accommodation of the general public.