Katherine Lynch2009 1984 Address: 82 Shepard Avenue

Old Address: 34 Shepard Avenue

Other names: Cane Cottage (1928), Dassance Cottage (1928), Kane Cottage (1928), Kern Cottage (1929), Hamer (1930), Shults Cottage (1933); DIS. An early, but undated, map (probably circa 1911 or later) shows number 34 Shepard Avenue noted as "Coulter."

Year built: between 1897 and 1899

Architect: William L. Coulter

Other information: A two and 1/2 story cure cottage designed by the architect as his own residence. The south side has a sitting-out porch on the first floor, four second-story sleeping porches, and a third-story porch. There is also a large second-story sleeping porch on the north side of the house.

The 1917 health survey lists no tuberculous residents. Later, however, the house was leased to several people who operated it as a cure cottage. The T.B. Society records show the following:

7/8/1925 nursing cottage Miss Katherine Lynch
7/1925 boarding house Miss Anna V. Pratt
11/1927 nursing cottage Mrs. Dassance
10/26/1928   Mrs. Kane
8/4/1930   Mrs. Hamer


Second floor porch drain slot, September 1981

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