D. C. Twitchell was a doctor in Saranac Lake from about 1907 to 1913.  He was a founding member of the Medical Board of the Saranac Lake General Hospital.

Malone Farmer, April 9, 1913

Dr. Twitchell, of Saranac Lake, one of the  foremost of the county’s Bull Moose organizers last fall, has been forced to seek a change of climate on account of nervous prostration from overwork, and has gone with his wife to the Pacific Coast to remain indefinitely.  He has been a member of the board of education and  board of health of Saranac Lake  which is pronounced a success in the annual report of Saranac Lake’s school nurse, who finds improvement of the condition of the children in practically every case. The children in this school are weighed every Wednesday. The nurse visits the other schools every week, and any child needing special attention is examined at the dispensary, advice is given the parents, and such children as need the treatment are transferred to the open-air school. Dr. Twitchell has been located at Saranac Lake for about six years and has done his utmost for the community. He will be deeply missed for his charm of personality and his devotion to humanitarian interests.