Born: 1866

Died: 1921

Married: May Harrington, Daisy Gordon Maud, Mary Stuart Skelly, Mollie Covington Worden

Children: With May, Mark Hannah, Call Hanna, Dan R. Hanna Jr.; with Daisy, Elizabeth Hannah; with Mary, three more daughters

Daniel R. Hanna was the son of Marcus "Mark" A. Hanna and Charlotte Augusta Rhodes from Cleveland, Ohio.  He built a camp on Lower Saranac Lake about 1903.

His father had inherited a very profitable mining and metals conglomerate from his wife's father in the 1880's which he renamed the M. A. Hanna Company in 1885. Daniel was a partner in this company, and also owned two newspapers in Cleveland. His father Marcus bought the Cleveland Herald in I910, and in 1912 Daniel bought the News from Otis, as well as owning the Morning Leader which he had bought two years earlier from McCormick, his brother in law and at the time the editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune.

New York Times, March 23, 1921


Cruel Treatment Is Charged by His Wife, Formerly Mrs. Mollie C. Worden.

SAID SHE WAS LOCKED OUT Husband Transferred Estate at Stockbridge, Mass., to Her Soon After Wedding.

Special to The New York Times.

PITTSFIELD, Mass– March 22.—Mrs. Mollie Covington Hanna, fourth wife of Daniel R. Hanna, has sued him for divorce. She charges cruel and abusive treatment and asks for alimony.

Personal service was made on Mr. Hanna in Great Barrington.

The case will be heard in the Berkshire Superior Court in this city, probably in April.

The couple were separated last Summer. Mr. Hanna bought a place at Ossining, N. Y., while Mrs. Hanna has divided her time between her thousand-acre estate, known as Bonny Brier Farm, at Stockbridge and her old home at Ocean Grove, N. J.

It became definitely known last July that the Hanna domestic affairs were not running smoothly when the wife attempted to visit her husband at Ossining and was locked out, she said, by servants. She denied at that time that she expected to sue for a divorce.

Hanna, who is the millionaire son of the late Senator Mark A. Hanna of Ohio, was married to Mrs. Mollie Covington Worden, a divorcee, on Dec. 2, 1916. Two weeks later he transferred to his wife his stock farm at Stockbridge. Mrs. Hanna's first husband was John B. Warden. a Standard Oil operator, of Philadelphia, who divorced her while living in Nice, France. Mr. Hanna is 90 years old and she is 45.

Mrs. Hanna's property in Stockbridge has an assessed valuation of $265,000. It is the most valuable estate there except that of Mrs. Andrew Carnegie. The property comprises more than a dozen farms acquired by Mr. Hanna shortly before his last marriage. He rebuilt the villa, which at one time was the country place of the Forbes family of Boston and later the estate of Mrs. Samuel Hill. daughter of the late James J. Hill, railroad builder. The estate is on the west shore of Mahkeenac Lake, near the Carnegie and Charles Astor Bristed properties.

In 1919, there was a $50.000 jewel robbery at the Hanna villa, and it has never been solved. Mrs. Hanna's boudoir was ransacked while the family was at dinner. Mrs. Mark A. Hanna of Cleveland has been an annual visitor at Bonny Brier Farm before going to her place at Bar Harbor.


Dan R. Hanna, only son of the late Senator Mark A. Hanna, now faces suit for the end of his fourth matrimonial venture. His first wife was Miss May Harrington, daughter of a prominent Cleveland family, whom he married in 1881. They had three sons, Mark, Call and Dan R. Hanna Jr.

Mr. Hanna was divorced by his first wife in 1897. She married Edmund K. Stallo of this city.

A year later he married Mrs. Walter S. Maud, the divorced wife of an English army officer, who before her marriage was Miss Daisy Gordon, daughter of W. J. Gordon of Cleveland. They had a daughter, Elizabeth. In 1902 the second Mrs. Hanna sued for a divorce and won.

Within two days after he had been divorced a second time Mr. Hanna married Mrs. Frank E. Skelly, divorced wife of Frank E. Skelly, who was once a clerk at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Before her marriage she was Miss Mary Stuart. Of the third union of Mr. Hanna there were born three daughters. In 1916 his third wife brought suit for divorce on statutory grounds, won the case and obtained custody of their children. In 1916 Mr. Hanna married Mrs. Mollie Covington Worden, who is now suing him for divorce.