Address: Vacant

Old Address: 15 Baker Street

Other names:

Year built: before 1928


Other information:

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, January 4, 1938, Police Blotter; reprinted in Howard Riley's column on December 30, 2017

11:40 a.m. Jan.4 -- Received call from 16 Baker St. Wanted an officer right away. A man lying on the roof, thinks there is something the matter with him. Investigated and found James Davison lying on the roof of 15 Baker Street. Climbed up on the roof and examined him, could feel no pulse and with the help of the following men, Hurley Hickock, Bud Duprey and Happy Rattell, carried him downstairs to a bedroom. Notified the coroner and also Dr. Price, their family physician. They pronounced him dead and found that he had died of heart failure, with which he had been troubled for some time. Davison had gone out on the roof to shovel snow and Hickock across the street had seen him fall and called the police office. Davison is 52 years of age and has been married for 17 years. Came up here as a tuberculosis patient. Body was taken to Jim Fortune's. -- Ryan