DeChantal Apartments Adirondack Daily Enterprise, November 2, 1973 Address: 60 Church Street

Old Address: 20 Church Street

Year built: 1972

The name is variously spelled DeChantal and DeChantel.

The DeChantal Apartments, a high-rise building, was built in 1972 and opened in 1973 as a middle income "senior citizen complex" of eleven floors with 130 units, on the site of Dr. Charles Trembley's house and another cottage next door on Church Street. Most of the apartments have three rooms and are designed for single occupancy, but 44 have four rooms, and are designed for double occupancy.

The name DeChantal comes from the Sisters of the Order of the Visitation founded by Saint Jane Frances DeChantal.

Msgr. V. Noel Zimmerman was president of the JMJ Housing Corporation, sponsor of the building. Others members of the corporation were Victor LaPine, Louis Fobare, Fred Mader, Rev. Peter W. O. Hill, Martin Koop and Mrs. Joan Pettit who replaced Rev. Daniel Partridge.


In 1976, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cheeseman, Mrs. Ellen Helley, Mrs. Mary Carlson, Mrs. Mildred Anderson, Robert H. Stevens

In 1977, Eula G. Martin Raffi

In 1980, Alice M. Vosburgh

In 1983, Sarah Redwood

In 1988, Helen Bell Larsen

In 1993, Clarence R. McCormick

In 2011, George Bedore, Bob McKillip

C. 2021, Anna Ferree

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, February 8, 1974


The De Chantal apartments are beautiful and probably well worth the high rent that is being charged. However, the community had the impression, up until the time the rent schedule was published, that most of the apartments there would be available to couples or individuals with low incomes. Actually, only a tiny percentage of the apartments have been reserved for those living on low incomes.


Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 22, 1976

Five outdoor enthusiasts, residents of the De Chantal apartments, hiked 1 1/2 miles into Long Pond from the Tupper Lake highway on Sunday. They were Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cheeseman, Mrs. Ellen Helley, Mrs. Mary Carlson and Mrs. Mildred Anderson.

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