(left to right) John N. Hayes; unknown; Homer Sampson; Dr. Warriner Woodruff; Dr. Spencer Schwartz; Dr. E. R. Baldwin, with hat; unknown; Dr. Fred H. Heise; Dr. Francis Berger Trudeau; unknown; Dr. John H. Steidl

Front row, from right: Dr. Gordon M. Meade, Dr. Edward N. Packard, and Dr. Roger S. Mitchell. Second row, center: Dr. Bertram H. Eckmann. Others are unidentified.
Historic Saranac Lake Collection, 2022.6.2. Gift of the Eckmann Family.

Students and faculty of the Trudeau School standing on the front steps of the Saranac Laboratory, undated.
Front row, 2nd from left, Gordon M. Meade; 5th Arthur J. Vorwald; 6th Francis Berger Trudeau, 7th Edward N. Packard; far right Roy Dayton
3rd row center Bertram Eckmann; Back rows at right of doorway Daniel Brumfiel; last row at right, Henry Leetch
Historic Saranac Lake collection 2009.1.15
Gift of the family of Dr. Bertram H. Eckmann.

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