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Donnelly's, on Harrietstown Road The farm that became Donnelly's Crystal Spring Dairy at the intersection of the Harrietstown Road and New York Route 186 (Donnelly's Corners, previously Work's Corners) was owned in the 1800s by Ira Works; he sold it to William LaBounty who, in turn, sold it to Martin Donnelly. The farm had five hundred acres, and seventy-five cows. They had four employees, and pasteurized and bottled their own milk, which they delivered to institutions and door-to-door. The farmhouse was built of timber harvested from the farm.

Donnelly's Ice Cream StandIn 1953, they bought a soft-serve ice cream machine, and started selling the twin-tone cones that have made them a local institution. U.S President Bill Clinton and Tom Cruise have reportedly stopped there. The building that presently houses the ice cream machine used to be the warming hut for Sky View, a ski hill located on the steep hill next to the house.

The farm was listed in the New York Department of Agriculture's, 1906 Annual report, Volume 1, under "Farms for Sale, Town of Harrietstown" as "No. 745—Farm of 500 acres, 4 miles from Saranac Lake, Harrietstown postoffice 3/4 mile. 200 acres meadow, 100 pasture, balance timber, Spring water. Fences fair. 15-room house. 2 barns 30x40 each, one 30x100. Ice house and creamery. Fair condition. For price, apply to owner. Address Mrs. I. Works, Harrietstown."


Riley, Howard, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, "Crystal Spring Dairy", May 5, 2007



In 2023, Donnelly's won for the best ice cones in the Adirondacks.


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2013-08-13 19:51:27   I remember when there were still cows there, that got loose in the road heading toward Lake Clear.. stopped in to the aunts' house to report it. I also remember when we (Leavitts) stored potatoes in the dairy barn..closer than trucking them back t the home farm.


2013-08-14 09:14:38   I remember the milkman coming to the door with the milk in the glass bottles. If you didn't get them out fast enough in the winter the milk would freezse and come out of the top of the bottles. —

2013-08-14 13:54:12   I have been there. even took my wife and 4 kids there yrs ago. all the way from Georgia.


2013-08-14 14:20:16   What an icon. I grew up in SLNY and the milk was delivered to the house. In FL now but when I visit home and family in the summer I Always get there for ice cream. Most of the time its a couple trips. The ice cream is so yummy. —