Dorsey Street Parking Lot is a roughly 1.3 acre area between the Saranac River and the back of the buildings on Main Street and Broadway.  It was the site of Fowler's Livery, Gordon's Livery (later Marshall's livery) and some smaller until about 1916.  It was also the site of the summer Tent Theater.  The liveries turned to auto service shops and parking areas about 1931.

It also may have been the site of the rumored bar, The Antlers.

Prior to the completion of an automobile bridge in July, 1956, access was from narrow alleys on Main Street and Broadway.  However, there was a bridge in about the same spot shown on Sanborn Maps of 1895 and 1899, which would have been of considerably lighter construction.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 15, 1954

Mayor Alton B. Anderson again brought the question of a vastly improved free Village parking lot before the meeting.

“It seems to be the general opinion that a progressive village like Saranac Lake should have much better parking facilities for our residents and for the convenience of tourists, shoppers and other visitors to town.

“The opinion has been expressed that owners of the properties on which the parking lot is now located off Main st. would sell to the Village and Harrietstown for a nominal price; that a bridge could be built across the Saranac River from Dorsey st. to do away with the narrow entrances and exits to the present parking lot; that it could be black-topped and properly marked off to accommodate more cars, and that it could be much better lighted.”

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 17, 1955


With construction already started on Franklin County bridge from Dorsey st in Saranac Lake to the Municipal free parking lot off Main st., the Joint Town and Village Planning Board met yesterday with the Village Trustees and Village Attorney Thomas B. Cantwell.

The Planning Board was authorized to complete negotiations with owners of private property needed 1 for the improved parking lot for 15-year leases on the sites bordering the Saranac River. It was agreed that rentals will be paid the property owners annually. This rent will be equal to the tax the property owners would normally pay for the sections of their land used tor the village parking lot.

Village Attorney Cantwell was authorized to take legal action by condemnation proceedings to acquire any of the needed land if such a step becomes necessary.