Newman and Holmes fire, July 2, 2002. The house in the foreground is the Drury Cottage at 29 Bloomingdale Avenue. Courtesy of Mary Hotaling. Address: 52 Bloomingdale Avenue

Old Address: 29 Bloomingdale Avenue

Year built: c. 1912

Other information: The only residence in the village to feature a cobblestone cure porch, most likely the work of Pietro Tanzini.

It was built by Merton Drury, a livery operator. The 1917 health survey lists it as having a tuberculous resident. By 1926, it was registered as a commercial private sanatorium, operated as a boarding cottage by Mrs. Theresa Kearney.

One patient who cured there was Frank G. Miller. Later, Ed Worthington and his wife, Nita, lived in an apartment there, with their young daughter, Janet.

Drury Cottage February 1989, South EastDrury Cottage February 1989, North WestFebruary 1989, NorthDrury Cottage February 1989, Porch interior


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