East Pine Street ran from Pine Street east to Forest Hill Avenue; the whole length of East Pine Street has been renamed Forest Hill Avenue under the 911 Emergency Response System.

Old Address Post-911 Address Building Name Cure Evidence/Notes
    East Pine Street Bridge, 1916  
8 East Pine Street   Dysinger Cottage SLA1935TBSBC,
Cure Cottages, p. 86
10 East Pine Street   Pasho Cottage 2 DIS 1928
14 East Pine Street 37 Pine Street 14 East Pine Street SLA1935, TBSBC
16 East Pine Street 43 Pine Street 16 East Pine Street DIS
24 East Pine Street   Pasho Cottage 3 DIS 1928
26 East Pine Street 55 Forest Hill Avenue Shaw Cottage Cure Cottages, p. 141
32 East Pine Street Forest Hill Avenue   TBSWC, Stonaker rented Cottage, ghosts.
Cure Cottages, p. 136 & 142
45 East Pine Street 94 Forest Hill Avenue 45 East Pine Street Boyce and Roberson Ice House
54 East Pine Street   Peter Gowett Cottage DIS 1929
58 East Pine Street Forest Hill Avenue Gowatt Cottage/Meagher Cottage TBSWC
82 East Pine Street Forest Hill Avenue Mitchell Cottage DIS
84 East Pine Street 165 Forest Hill Avenue    
86 East Pine Street 179 Forest Hill Avenue    

The information on this photo reads "Excavating for the Pine Street bridge," apparently at milepost 74.95, where East Pine Street, now called Forest Hill Avenue, passes over the railroad tracks. It was taken sometime between 1890, when a new short-line railroad was chartered to lay tracks from Saranac Lake to Lake Placid, and August 1,1893, when the first train ran on the line. By the small size of the locomotives, it seems that this work was being done by the Chateaugay Railroad as an extension of its narrow-gauge system. The railroad connection to Lake Placid aided substantially in the development of the Lake Placid Club, one of the large resorts in the region which benefited from easy access by rail. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, November 17, 2012