Ed Cagle was one of the guides employed by the Louis Marshall family at Knollwood. In a "List of Guides" in his book Guides of the Adirondacks, Charles Brumley cited the following references, from two different sources: "Ed. Cagle, LOS, S95, Saranac Lake" 1 and "Edward Cagle, LOS, FCR." 2 (LOS means Lower Saranac Lake.)

Bob Marshall wrote: "In the spring of 1906 Ed Cagle, who had guided for our family at Lower Saranac for six years, decided to open a livery stable." The livery was at the Arlington Hotel. He is pictured with Louis Marshall and an impressive string of fish on page ix of Bob Marshall in the Adirondacks by Phil Brown.


  • Charles Brumley, Guides of the Adirondacks
  • Photo from the Adirondack Collection, Saranac Lake Free Library, published on page ix of Bob Marshall in the Adirondacks, by Phil Brown.



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