Died: June 2, 1940



Ed Murnane managed the St. Regis Hotel until his death in 1940.

Lake Placid News, June 7, 1946

by E. S. Dyer

[I]t was six years ago—June 2, 1940 —that Ed Murnane passed away. He was at that time the partner of John English in the managership of Hotel St. Regis. Ed had a lot of excellent qualities, he was what some might call a gladhander, but a sincere one, and enjoyed meeting guests and making them feel at home in the hotel for as long as they stayed. He was always reading something that would give him information and knowledge, rather than reading purely for pleasure. He and I had a great many arguments—about the war, and politics, but all more or less friendly ones. His greatest pleasure lay in getting two people started in a heated argument, and then quietly removing himself from the scene, leaving the protagonists to keep at it, hammer and tongs. Then he'd show up later, grin, and say: "Any casualties." Fond of his little joke, and withal a good man to have for a friend.