A brick at the Saranac Laboratory has been dedicated in the name of Edith R. Schultz Welton by her grandson, Ernest E. Keet.

Photo courtesy of Lee Keet, 12/22/09

Born: January 1887

Died: circa 1928

Married: Dr. Thurston Scott Welton

Children: One son, Bradley, died of meningitis at age 6. One daughter, Jane Welton Keet, born 2/18/1919 lives in California

Edith R. Schultz Welton was the wife of Dr. Welton, a famous surgeon in Brooklyn, the editor of the American Journal of Surgery, and the author of several books.

Shortly after the death of her young son to meningitis, Edith Schultz Welton was diagnosed with TB, and spent nearly two years in Saranac Lake sometime in the twenties. Her exact date of death is unknown, but it was likely 1927. She cured at the Alta Vista Lodge. After several operations to remove ribs, she was declared incurable and sent home to die, which she did shortly thereafter.

Her husband commuted every weekend to Saranac Lake by train to be with his wife, and then back again on Sunday night so that he could be at work Monday morning.

Information provided by Edith's grandson, Ernest E. Keet, Saranac Lake, December 22, 2009.


2012-12-11 14:16:27   Dr. Welton's full name was Thurston Scott Welton. According to their engagement announcement in the New York Times (March 31, 1912), Dr. Welton was the son of Dr. and Mrs. Bradlee Welton of 842 Union Street, Brooklyn, and was a graduate of the Long Island College Hospital. Mrs. Welton's parents were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schultz of Flatbush.


And Dr. Welton appears to have remarried by the time of their daughter's 1938 engagement to E. E. Keet Jr.:


According to their son's obituary in the Times, Robert Bradlee Welton was 6-1/2 at the time of his death, on November 16, 1923.


Dr. Welton died on March 15, 1961:


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