Dr. James Newcomb, Elizabeth Newcomb, Courtesy of Sherwood DaviesBorn: c. 1860

Died: May 31, 1938

Married: James Edward Newcomb


Elizabeth Newcomb founded Stony Wold Sanatorium in 1901 on 1800 acres of a hillside overlooking Lake Kushaqua, just north of Brighton in the Town of Franklin. Her idea was to create a charitable sanatorium for the treatment of underprivileged young women suffering from TB. She was encouraged by her husband, Dr. James Edward Newcomb and by Dr. E.L. Trudeau, and received support from many prominent people of New York City as well as from AT&T, DuPont, Gould, Biggs, Potter, Pond, Morgan, and Rockefeller. Elizabeth Newcomb herself succumbed to TB in 1938.

Schenectady Gazette, May 31, 1938

Sanitarium Founder Dies in North Country

SARANAC LAKE, May 30 (AP).— Mrs. Elizabeth Wilmot Newcomb, 78, who founded Stony Wald tuberculosis- sanitarium for girls in 1902 at Lake Kushaqua, N. Y., died today at her camp near the sanitarium.

Mrs. Newcomb, born in Ithaca, was the wife of the late Dr. James Edward Newcomb, who served as a member of the medical staff of Roosevelt hospital in New York city.

The sanitarium was founded by Mrs. Newcomb as a means of aiding young girls who, suffering from tuberculosis, were unable to secure adequate medical treatment. She was also founder of the Santa Clara rest home at Santa Clara, N. Y.

Funds for the maintenance of the Lake Kushaqua sanitarium were largely supplied through the holding of an annual charity ball in New York city.

Funeral services will be held at the Lake Kushaqua Chapel Thursday.

Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat, June 10, 1938

In the shadow of the sanatorium she labored to build for needy young women, Mrs. Elizabeth Wilmot Newcomb, who died Sunday, was buried Thursday on the grounds of Stonywold. Representatives of three faiths united in final tribute to the benefactor of hundreds of young women who regained their health through her philanthropic efforts, Rev. A. J. Dumont, confessor of Catholic patients, and Rabbi Solemen Schcoenkopf of Plattsburgh, counselor to Jewish patients, assisted Rev. Sidney Ruck, rector of St. Eustice's Episcopal church of Lake Placid, at the service. Mrs. Newcomb was the widow of the late Dr. James Edward Newcomb who, during his active years, was attached to the medical staff of the Roosevelt hospital, New York city. She was born in Ithaca but moved with her parents to New York when a child. In 1902 Mrs. Newcomb, assisted by members of the Sunday School Class in one of the New York city churches, founded Stonywold sanitarium at Lake Kushaqua. The institution grew and has been a means of arresting active lung trouble for thousands of young girls.