Born: November 7, 1868, the son of Napoleon and Celenda Demerse Pine.

Died: May 2, 1947



Euclid Pine was an owner of the Riverside Inn, and a member of the Franklin county board of supervisors.

Adirondack Record, November 12, 1920


E C. Pine, A Native of Au Sable Forks, Has First Dollar Bill Taken In

The Saranac Lake Enterprise in a recent issue had the following to say regarding E. C. Pine, a native of Au Sable Forks, who has been remarkably successful in the hotel business and who on Thursday of last week observed in his 21st year as head of the Riverside Inn at Saranac Lake:

Starting with only a few guests and continuing until the establishment had become one of the most widely known throughout the Adirondacks, E. C. Pine, proprietor of the Riverside Inn Thursday observed the twenty-first anniversary of the opening of the hostelry. Mr. Pine received congratulations from friends throughout the north county and from dealers who have been doing business with him for the last score of years.

In 1901, Mr. Pine started in the hotel business when he became manager of the Paul Smith's hotel, having previously been employed in a drug store at Au Sable Forks. He remained there for seven years until he came to Saranac Lake, where he entered into partnership with John Corbett. The pair purchased the Riverside Inn property from Wallace Murray and the partnership with John Corbett. The of Mr. Corbett in 1912. [sic]

Mr. Pine has seen the gradual growth of this village from a small hamlet until its present day population. He has watched with interest the changes in faces, as those who used to be leaders in the community have died and new persons have taken their places. Of the dozen or more guests who registered on the first day of the opening of the hotel twenty-one years ago, only one is still alive.

"One of the most cherished remembrances Mr. Pine keeps locked in his safe, is the first dollar bill which was taken in over the counter when the hotel first opened. It has the names of persons written on it who were present at the time. In speaking of it. Mr. Pine said: Yes, that is the first dollar we took in. There were a group of the boys around while we were taking the inventory and one suggested treating the crowd and wished Mr. Corbett and myself good luck. Then the names were written on the bill and I have kept it safely ever since."

"Those who wrote their names on the bill were: John Earl Derby, C. F. Carpenter, James Leonard, W. M. Perk, John Corbett, Wallace Murray, E. C. Pine. J H. Wilson, S. W. Barnard, W. H. Hitchcock, E. B. Hoagland, A. J Webb and J. F. Chrystal."

Mr. Pine has the list of boarders who first stopped at the Riverside Inn, with the amounts each guest was paying a week. It was before a register had been installed.

Lake Placid News, May 9, 1947

Founder Riverside Inn, E. C. Pine, Died Friday

Euclid C. Pine, former owner of the Riverside inn, one of the Adirondacks leading hotels more than 30 years, died in the Physicians hospital in Plattsburg last Friday morning. He had been in declining health many months.

A former member of the Franklin county board of supervisors, former member of the village water board and a director of the Adirondack National Bank and Trust Co. more than 20 years, Mr. Pine thruout his lifetime in this village maintained a deep interest in community affairs.

When the depression and the construction of a new hotel in this village ended the usefulness of the historic Riverside inn, in 1935, he razed the building and sold the site in Lake Flower avenue to the village as a park.

Mr. Pine was born Nov. 7, 1868, the son of Napoleon and Celenda Demerse Pine. He received his education in the village of Ausable Forks and as a young man obtained a position as bookkeeper at Saranac inn.

From there he went to Paul Smith's Hotel Corp., where he was employed many years as auditor.

In 1906 he became associated with the late John Corbett and they purchased the Riverside Inn from the late Wallace Murray. They made extensive improvements in the hotel and built a large addition that doubled the capacity of the establishment.

For many years the hotel was widely recognized as one of the finest year around resorts in the Adirondacks.

Lake Placid News, September 28, 1945

Last Sunday [I] stood on the post office steps for a few minutes talking with Euclid Pine, whom I don't get a chance to encounter as often as I'd like . . I'll make the assertion that there have been more wagers in this town settled with regard to temperature records, great storms and their dates, etc., by consulting Euclid Pine as referee, than by means of any other proof. One night in the Saranac Lake Club some years ago, I asked him if there had ever been an April 10th as cold as that particular day. He said, "Yes, lot's of them," and the next morning I found he had laid on my desk a temperature record (for lows) for the month of April for ten different years in the past, written in his neat pencil figures!