Eugene Christian was a post office employee, and a justice of the peace. He served as a village trustee in 1926 and '27. He lived at 47 Dorsey Street from 1925 to 1954, and at 56 Petrova Avenue in 1962.

Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, January 20, 1922


Into the disarray of the congested quarters of the Saranac Lake postoffice, where hundreds of packages of mail offer a daily problem in sorting and distribution, a distinctively new element of discord added to the trials and tribulations of the employes the other day. Perhaps discord is not the right word; it was an odor And the odor plainly came from a package postmarked Upper Jay. In the scramble for windows and doors Eugene Christian stayed at his post. He picked up the bundle, held his breath and fled out into the Adirondack ozone. He hurried down Berkeley hill to the establishment of Samuel Edelberg, furrier. The man who sent the package from Upper Jay may be pardoned for his mistake, or three mistakes, for there were three in the package. Many others, however, who do not live in Upper Jay, don't know that skunk pelts must not be sent through the mails.

Lake Placid News, September 20, 1935

Ernest Welch, game protector, of Saranac Lake, apprehended Clifford Wood of Lake Clear, on a charge of fishing without a license. Eugene Christian, justice of the peace, imposed a fine of $10.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, October 14, 1957

About 100 People See Gene Christian Home

That there is tremendous interest in new houses in this area was shown Saturday and Sunday when an estimated 1000 people visited the Eugene Christian home on Petrova Avenue across from the high school football field.

The home was completed in six weeks by the Gendron Lumber Company and is completely modern in every respect. This is, incidentally, the first new home built in Saranac Lake in the past year.