Born: c. 1847

Died: July 3, 1911

Married: Alice McNally


Ezra T. Dimmick was a pioneer farmer in the Santa Clara area.

Malone Farmer, July 19, 1911

With the death of Ezra T. Dimmick, which came suddenly at his farm home a little way out of Santa Clara the night of July 3rd, that place has lost one of its oldest and best-known citizens—a man who settled in the wilds of that town 39 years ago, long before the railroad was built, and carved out a home in the wilderness, who through all his life was a patriotic citizen and held to the last the highest respect of all his neighbors and acquaintances. Mr. Dimick was a veteran of the Civil war and gave active and useful service to his country as a member of the cavalry from this state. He was in the second battle of Bull Run and was on outpost duty in the Battle of Shantilla, when Gen. Kearney was killed, being one of the Union men to meet the Confederates when the general's body was delivered to the Federal line. He was married to Miss Alice McNally, of Malone, 45 years ago and has followed farming for years in the town of Santa Clara. His widow and two sons, Chas. P., of Bridgeport. Conn., and John, of Santa Clara, survive him. His age was 64 years. About a year ago he was forced to submit to an operation at Cornwall Hospital by which one of his limbs was removed but had, entirely recovered from its effects and seemed in the best of health on the evening of his death. Not long after retiring his wife was awakened by his heavy breathing. She was unable to arouse him and before Rev. Mr. Ruplav, who was stopping at the house, reached his side he had passed away. The funeral was held from the old homestead on Thursday and his remains were laid away in the Dickinson cemetery.