Newberry's and Woolworths, Memorial Day, 1939. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 25, 2002 Address:

Old Address: 61 Main Street

Other names: Newberry's

Year built: 1923

Other information: In 1959, Woolworths moved out and Newberry's expanded into the space.

Lake Placid News, November 23, 1923


It is expected the F. W. Woolworth store at Saranac Lake will be opened about December 15. The new building, now in the course of construction, is being rushed to completion so as to be ready for the Christmas trade. The work is ahead of schedule and every indication points to an opening on the date announced.

The structure which is to house the new establishment, is one story high and is situated in Main street, south of the E. L. Gray book store. The property is owned by Frank H. McKee, real estate dealer, who leased it to the company for 35 years. The cost of construction and maintenance is to be borne by the latter. After the period of the lease runs out, the company will have the privilege of purchasing the lot from the owners if they desire to do so, otherwise the entire property will revert back to the heirs of the McKee estate.

A second story will be superimposed upon the structure at the rear, so as to form a suite of rooms for the use and accommodation of the women employees. Lunch tables, where hot or cold drinks can be served, will be installed and several forms of diversion will he devised for use in the rest rooms.

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