Address: 83 Franklin Avenue

Old Address: 31 Franklin Street

Other Names: Bide-A-Wee, Hull Cottage (1911), Fallon Cottage (1928), Cook Cottage (1929), Burnett Cottage (1949); DIS

Year built: 1901

Other information: A ten-bay veranda with sliding glass windows wraps the east and south sides of the first floor. One-third of this veranda constitutes a separate cure porch. A second cure porch was added on the second floor between the two bay windows. Three more cure porches were added to the rear of the house.

The Fallon Cottage Annex was one of four properties operated by Anna Loughlin Delaney Fallon Burnett. It was first registered with the T.B. Society as a nursing cottage in mid-1923 by Frieda Cook. Anna Fallon operated the building as a boarding cottage as early as 1928, and bought it in 1937, after which it was operated in conjunction with 33 Franklin Avenue, Anna's home. Patients were served by tray girls from 33 Franklin.

According to the 1916 TB Directory
, the Cook Cottage had room for seven patients, with two cure porches. It was run by Mrs. F.E. Cook. Rates were $18-35 per week.

Fallon Cottage Annex, February 1989, South East.



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Second Floor Porch Door