Died: January 2, 1957, age 89

Married: Adolph Bellak

Children: Evelyn Bellak

Fanny Rothstein Bellak operated a small, registered private sanatorium (or cure cottage) in Saranac Lake, moving her operation from one house to another several times. As her daughter was a patient who lived with her, this was a good way for Mrs. Bellak to support the two of them. In 1926 Mrs. Fannie Bellax [sic] was located at 13 Riverside DriveAccording to Shirley Morgan's book, Well Diary . . .  I Have Tuberculosis, "As of May 1, 1928, the records show a move of the Bellak Cottage to a building at 3 Kiwassa Road (now 164 Kiwassa Road). . . . In March of 1929, the Bellak Cottage moved again across town to 4 Park Place," where it remained until October, 1931.