Green Valley Farm
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 4/21/2007

Annual report, Volume 1, by New York (State) Dept. of Agriculture, 1906

Farms for Sale Town of Harrietstown

No. 741—Farm of 450 acres, 2 miles from Saranac Junction, 2 miles from Lake Clear. 150 acres meadow, 75 pasture, balance second growth timber. Watered by wells and brooks. Adapted to hay, grain and potatoes. House 1 1/2 story, 26x30, with wing. Barns 30x60, 30x40 and 20x40. Address Peter S. Carley, Saranac Junction, N. Y.

No. 742—Farm of 1,000 acres, 3 miles from Lake Clear station, 6 miles from Saranac Lake postoffice. Soil, sandy loam, adapted to hay, grain and potatoes. 100 apple trees. House 40x40, 1 1/2 story, good. Tenement house 40x40, in fair repair. 3 large barns and other outbuilding, in good condition. Watered by springs and brook. Fences good. Price, apply to owner. Address McMaster Bros., Saranac Lake.

No. 743—Farm of 64 acres, 1 mile from Harrietstown postoffice, 2 miles from Bloomingdale station. Soil, loam. adapted to hay, grain and potatoes. Watered by wells. House 26x30, with wing 26x16, needs repairs. Barns and outbuildings in good condition. Price $3,000. Address Robert Colon, Harrietstown.

No. 744—Farm of 218 acres, 2 miles from Saranac Inn Station. Soil adapted to hay, grain, and potatoes. House 24x30, wing 18x16, 2 story, in good comdition. Barns 30x95 and 30x40. Watered by well. Fences good. Price $5,000. Address B. Latone, Saranac Inn.

No. 745—Farm of 500 acres, 4 miles from Saranac Lake, Harrietstown postoffice 3/4 mile. 200 acres meadow, 100 pasture, balance timber, Spring water. Fences fair. 15-room house. 2 barns 30x40 each, one 30x100. Ice house and creamery. Fair condition. For price, apply to owner. Address Mrs. I. Works, Harrietstown.

No. 746—Farm of 180 acres, 2 miles from Paul Smith Station, ¼ mile from Harrietstown postoffice. Loamy soil, adapted to hay, grain and potatoes. Watered by springs. House 20x26, 1 ½ story. Several barms and outbuildings, in good repair. Price $5,ooo. Address Alex. Witcher, Harrietstown.

No. 747—Farm of 140 acres, 2 miles from Saranac Lake postoffice and station. Good soil, suitable for general farming. House 1 ½ story, 18x24, with wing 16x25. And several small camps in connection, all in good condition. Barn 40x50; shed 30x60. Watered by springs. Price about $3,000. Address R. M. Finnegan, Saranac Lake.

No. 748—Farm of 230 acres, 3 miles from Paul Smith Station, Harrietstown postoffice on farm. 100 acres meadow, 100 pasture, 30 heavy timber. 2 houses, about 40 rooms, in good condition. 4 barns, each 30x40, with other outbuildings, in good repair. Spring water in house. Address Frank G. Tremble, Harrietstown.

No. 749—Farm of 214 acres, 2 1/2 miles from Paul Smith Station, Harrietstown postoffice 40 rods. Loamy soil, adapted to general farming. 100 acres meadow. Well eatered and fenced. Large 1 1/2 story house, in good repair. 3 large barns and numerous other outbuildings, all in good condition. Price $8,000. Address A. S. Whitman, Harrietown.

No. 750—Farm of 100 acres, 2 ½ miles from Saranac Lake Station and post office. Soil, sandy loam, adapted to hay and grain. 25 acres timber, balance meadow and pasture. 1 ½-story frame house. 2 barns and other out-buildings, in good repair. Spring water. Fairly fenced. Price $1,000; easy terms. Address R. Kelly, Saranac Lake.

Plattsburgh Republican, December 31, 1910


Saranac Lake, Dec. 23.—Saranac Lake has entered the commercial world as a producing center. Hitherto this village has been known as a non-producer, but a new industry has been established this fall and for the first time the community takes its place in the field of productive activity.

The shipment of twelve carloads of potatoes within the past few weeks is the first step toward what those interested hope will become a permanent and large industry here. The tubers were gathered in the farming section surround Bloomingdale, Vermontville, Alder Brook and Gabriels. were brought into town and sold to Louis Kernochan They were shipped to markets in Utica, New York and, [illegible].