Stuckman Cottage

Fawn Street runs in a "U" shape south from Helen Street for a block, east and then north where it joins Pine Street. On older maps, the section south from Helen was designated Clinton Avenue, and Fawn ran from Clinton to Pine. Another section of Clinton Avenue, interrupted by a private house lot on the steep hill (26 Fawn Street), runs south along the western boundary of Pine Ridge Cemetery; that section has retained the name Clinton Avenue.

Old Address Post-911 Address Building Name Cure Evidence/Notes
Starts at Helen Street
1 Fawn Street 44 Fawn Street    
1 1/2 Fawn Street 46 Fawn Street    
4 Fawn Street 41 Fawn Street Image TBSBC
7 Fawn Street 50 Fawn Street    
8 Fawn Street 49 Fawn Street 8 Fawn Street  
10 Fawn Street 53 Fawn Street    
14 Fawn Street 73 Fawn Street    
15 Fawn Street 56 Fawn Street    
3 Clinton Avenue 8 Fawn Street    
5 Clinton Avenue 12 Fawn Street    
6 Clinton Avenue 17 Fawn Street Stuckman Cottage TBSBC, TBSWC
8 Clinton Avenue 49 Fawn Street 8 Clinton Avenue  
9 Clinton Avenue 20 Fawn Street    
15 Clinton Avenue 30 Fawn Street    
17 Clinton Avenue 34 Fawn Street    
26 Clinton Avenue 36 Fawn Street 26 Fawn Street  
Ends at Pine Street

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, March 9, 1954


The present Saranac Lake Village Board has one more meeting— March 22. On March 16, two Trustees are to be elected and the new Board will sit April 5 when the new Village budget will be presented for consideration.

John Gregory, of 14 Fawn Street; Forrest Morgan, of 8 Fawn, and Zephy Trombley, of 15 Fawn, appeared before the Trustees at their meeting last night to protest again about the thoroughfare on which they live which, over the years, has had regular Spring floods.

"If we call a taxi and say we live on Fawn street, they won't send one but tell us to meet them on Helen street, Mr. Gregory said. Basements are flooded regularly, he added, and heating apparatus is damaged or ruined.

Village Manager Frank Buck said the solution is to get a workable drainage system for the low point in Fawn st., commonly known as Sagendorph Hollow. The situation has been studied year after year, he added, and it was always found that the drainage solution would be too costly.

"The WPA gave it up because of the cost," Mr. Buck said.

The Trustees told the Fawn st. delegation that further study would be given the problem.