Feisthamel-Edelberg Cottage, 20091932 Canaras: Irving Munroe Edelberg, "Bud", 11 Neil Street, Council (3, 4); Secretary of Class (2); Varsity Club (2, 3); Firesquad (3. 4); Red and White (1, 2); Exchange Editor (3); Operetta (3); Speaking Contest (3, 4); Band (1,2, 3, 4); Orchestra (1, 2); Glee Club (3); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2). Address: 203 Neil Street

Old Address: 11 Neil Street

Other Names: Emmans Cottage (1912), Feisthamel Cottage (1912), Starks Cottage (1913); DIS

Year built: before 1915

Feisthamel-Edelberg Cottage, The Barbara Parnass Slide CollectionOther information: A two-story cure porch — enclosed on three sides with sliding glass windows — that faces Neil Street is original to the building.

Undated, unidentified clipping in a scrapbook at the Saranac Lake Veteran's Club.The building was occupied by George Feisthamel in 1915. The 1917 health survey indicates the presence of a TB patient. From 1920 until 1940, Sam and Mary Edelberg lived there. Sam Edelberg, born in Latvia, immigrated to the U.S. in 1902 and worked in a Manhattan garment shop owned by Lincoln Jones. Jones developed TB in 1904 and moved to Saranac Lake, taking Mr Edelberg with him as a companion. Edelberg lived at 7 Academy Street. Mr. Jones died in 1906, leaving his business to Edelberg, who operated the business as Edelberg's Furs.

Mary Edelberg ran a nursing cottage at 30-32 Park avenue. After the birth of their three children, they bought 11 Neil Street; it was registered with the TB Society, although it was purportedly never operated as a cure cottage.

In 1944 Mrs. Lawrence Quigley lived at 11 Neil Street.

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View of 16 Neil Street, the Little Cottage, from the second floor porch of 11 Neil.  Photograph by Barbara Parnass
11 Neil Street, Virginia Street side, February 1989. 
Photograph by Barbara Parnass