Fisk Cottage Adirondack Enterprise, November 15, 1926

Address: 11 Woodruff Street

Old Address: 8 Woodruff Street

Other names: Eldredge and Mason, Bedore's Cash Market, Mullen's Cash Store, Ampersound

Curing Evidence: TBSWC, DIS 1911

Year built: Before 1902

Other information: The 1902 Adirondack Directory contained an ad for "Miss Ella Devlin, Dealer in Ladies' Furnishings" at this address, although the Sanborn Maps from 1903 to 1916 show it as a feed and grain business; perhaps the two co-existed. Bedore's Cash Market dates to the early 1930s, and Mullen's Cash Store was at 6 Woodruff from about 1936 to at least 1939.

On October 25, 2010 Barbara Dodds wrote: My husband and I owned this building in the early 70's. We lived upstairs and had an unfinished furniture store at street level. Before we owned it, the building was owned by Ruth and Wells Munn. They also lived in the apartment upstairs and had their business, Munn's Gas and Electric, downstairs.

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