Detail of the 1900 "Map of the Adirondack Forest" by the Forest Fish and Game Commission. Courtesy of the Adirondack Research Room of the Saranac Lake Free Library. Forest Home Road runs from Ampersand Avenue generally west to New York State Route 30 near Saranac Inn. The "T" intersection with Ampersand Avenue is firmly terminated by a large rock formation near where Schroeter's Restaurant was located.

The road was named for the Forest Home tract, a small community between Saranac Inn and Saranac Lake.

Malone Farmer, September 19, 1923

The rebuilding of the Forest Home road, 5 1-2 miles, the short route from Saranac Lake to Upper Saranac is to be undertaken in the spring by Franklin county. The construction will be bituminous macadam 12 feet wide and the cost will be about $60,000. Road machinery is now being moved to the spot to be ready for spring operations.

Old Address Post-911 Address Cottage Name Cure Evidence/Notes
Starts at Ampersand Avenue
. 486 Forest Home Road 486 Forest Home Road  
. 755 Forest Home Road 755 Forest Home Road  
. 756 Forest Home Road 756 Forest Home Road