Died: December 10, 1962

Married: Max Robbin

Mrs. Frances Robbin operated Robbin's Lunch with her husband starting in 1922. In 1924, she became the superintendent of what became the Northwoods Sanatorium. In 1952, she bought 60 Park Avenue.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, December 12, 1962

Mrs. Frances Robbin

Mrs. Frances Robbin died in her sleep Monday night at her, home at 60 Park Avenue. Mrs. Robbin came to Saranac Lake in 1922 and with her husband, Max, opened a restaurant at 20 Broadway.

In 1924, through the efforts of Dr. Edgar Mayer, all tubercular patients in Saranac Lake, who were members of National Variety Artists1 were moved under one roof, at 9 Church Street. Mrs. Robbins was made superintendent of the NVA cottage, which later grew to be Will Rogers Memorial Hospital. Mr. Robbin died in 1939 and Mrs. Robbin sold her interest in the NVA cottage, now the Northwoods Sanatorium, to Thomas Day and went to Florida. She returned to Saranac Lake in 1952 and bought the Adirondack Sanitorium at 60 Park Avenue where she has lived since.


1. Properly the National Vaudeville Artist Lodge