Born: 1876

Died: 1938

Married: Mary and/or Theresa Menzel

Children: Frank Menzel, Jr., Augusta Menzel

Frank Menzel operated Menzel's Camps on McKenzie Pond; he was also the father in law of Pietro Tanzini. He is buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery, along with Frank Menzel Jr  (1905-1977) and Theresa Menzel (1879-1963).

Plattsburgh Daily Republican, October 19, 1931


Charged with abandonment of his two young children, a warrant will be issued form the arrest of Peter Tanzini, missing Saranac Lake contractor, by Justice of the Peace George A. Utting on complaint of Mrs. Frank Menzel, McKenzie pond, who has cared for the children since, the death of pretty Mrs. Augusta Menzel Tanzini.

Tanzini disappeared from Saranac Lake exactly nine months ago on December 17, 1930, leaving, his entire property in his wife's name. Two months to a day later, February 17, Mrs. Tanzini was found dead in the bedroom of the, Tanzini home on South Hope street, Saranac Lake.

Since Mrs. Tanzini's tragic death the children, William, 9, and Shirley, 6, have been in the care of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Menzel. The warrant, if issued, will charge the missing mason-contractor with non support of his children, since not enough of the estate is left after settlement to care adequately for them.

No warrant for Tanzini's arrest has ever been issued either in connection with the abandonment of his children or with his operation of an alleged giant wildcat still reported found by federal authorities on his property.

Lake Placid News, June 17, 1938


Frank Menzel, Sr., 60, a proprietor of the Menzel camps, a tourist development outside of Saranac Lake, died of a heart attack Monday afternoon while he was sitting on the porch of his cottage.

He came to Saranac Lake in 1925, buying the property, then known as the Taft school, [sic: Tadd's art school]. It is located in the back road to Ray Brook.

Mr. Menzel, who was born in Austria, came to this country 30 years ago. He made his home in Syracuse where he was a machinist by trade.