Fred E. Jarvis, a son of Nelson Jarvis and Philemon Cagle

Born: 1879

Died: 1944

Married: first Julia Ryan (1888-1926) between 1910 and 1920, secondly Eulalia Graves on December 2, 1930


Fred Jarvis served on the Town of Harrietstown board of supervisors in 1928. He ran a stage coach-boat trip from, the Lake Clear Junction to a tour of the nearby lakes that listed the viewing of a total of 50 camp's enroute. The round-trip fare for eight miles of stage-coach riding plus 18 miles of waterway was a modest $2. 1Red Plumadore worked at lumbering for Fred Jarvis at the age of 12, at a time, as Red puts it, "before the age of chain saws." 2Judy Cameron remembers Fred Jarvis meeting the train and taking her family to St. Regis landing, and delivering the family luggage to their camp in the 1920s.

The 1905 NY Census shows Fred is a Guide in Brighton

Essex County Republican, July 2, 1915


Helen Day, nine-year-old daughter of Postmaster W. H. Day of Lake Clear Junction, was struck and almost instantly killed the other day by an automobile operated by Fred Jarvis, proprietor of a livery at Lake Clear.

Mr. Jarvis was returning from a trip to Saranac Lake at the time of the accident and was driving very slowly, according to the stories of eyewitnesses, when he passed the general store and post office owned by Mr. Day on his way to his garage which is just beyond the station. Helen Day was on the north side of the station, so when she darted out across the road to go home she did not see Mr Jarvis' car approaching.

Malone Farmer, January 21, 1920


Hearing Held in Malone on Saturday


In the case of Alex Ladue, injured while driving a horse from Saranac Lake to the cottage of Mrs. Whitelaw Reid, Fred Jarvis, a Saranac Lake liveryman, was held to be the employer and not Mrs. Reid. The disability will, be determined later.



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