Gabriels Grange Hall Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 22, 1961 Adirondack Daily Enterprise, January 4, 1962

Address: 806 NY 86

Old Address:

Other names: Gabriels Grange Hall

Year built:

Other information: The Gabriels Grange Hall dates to 1913 or earlier. The national organization, the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry was founded in 1867.

Between 1931 and 1933, the Grange Hall was used as a Junior High School. Local children attending the Saranac Lake High School after the local elementary classes found themselves behind in their studies and often took an extra year to finish because of it, so the Gabriels district established a Junior High School with additional subjects to prepare their students to be competitive. The Adirondack Room at the Saranac Lake Free Library received two yearbooks which document this school in July 2012.

Adirondack News, September 24, 1927

The Gabriels Grange entertained 50 members of Adirondack Grange, of Dickinson Center, Wednesday evening. A good program was presented and choice refreshments were served. Those from St. Regis Falls in attendance were: Rev. and Mrs. E. O. Webster, E. E. Bandy,.and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Boardrow.

Malone Farmer, November 16, 1927


At the meeting of the Brighton and Harrietstown Grange, No. 1006, held at the Grange Hall in Gabriels, Wednesday evening, Nov. 9th, the following officers were elected:

Master—Robert Gallagher. Overseer—Samuel Newell. Chaplain—Mrs. Charles Gleisner. Lecturer—Mrs. Robert Gallagher. Steward—Fred Duquette. Asst. Steward—Fred Ransom. Treasurer—Andrew MacMaster. Secretary—Miss Esther Swinyer. Kate Keeper—James Sullivan. Ceres—Gertrude Downs. Pomona—Mrs. Marion Wilson. Flora—Mrs. James Sullivan. Lady Asst. Steward—Miss Laura Pratt. Pianist—Mrs. John McDonald. Trustee—John McDonald.

Installation of officers and the annual banquet will be held Wednesday evening-, Dec. 14th. A large attendance is desired.

The ladies of the B. & H. Grange No. 1006 held their annual harvest supper Thursday evening, Nov. 10th at the Grange Hall in Gabriels. It was well attended and the receipts totalled $73.95.

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