Born: 1832

Died: June 22, 1888

Married: Mary Rancelia Berkeley (1853-1918)

Children: Mabel A. Berkeley (1877-1907), wife of M. J. Slason

George A. Berkeley leased the Riverside Inn from Charles Kendall in 1886, and ran it until his death in 1888 when he was shot and killed by guide Charles Brown.

Berkeley is buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Note: The Berkeley House was named for Irish philosopher Bishop George Berkeley.

From the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, December 12, 1992 (full text here)

On June 22nd, 1888, an altercation was taking place in Blood's Hotel (later the Riverside Inn) when George Berkeley, the proprietor, refused to serve any more drinks to a guide named Charles Brown. A scuffle took place, ending with Brown's being ejected from the barroom. As he left he threatened to "get even." Going home he got his deer rifle and returned to Titus Spaulding's (his brother-in-law's) store [in the Spaulding Block] which faced River Street and the opposite hotel. Here he waited until Berkeley stepped out on the porch, and he immediately fired the fatal shot which ended Berkeley's life. Brown fled to the woods and it was rumored that he finally relocated in Alaska never returning to this area.