Born: June 23, 1899, a twin

Died: April 9, 1974



George Carter told his life story to Sister Ann Laforest, who wrote it down. The first part was published in the Center for Humanities and Adirondack Studies Newsletter in the spring of 1982. The Center was sponsored by North Country Community College.

A member of the Third Order of Carmelites, he served the Saranac Lake Carmelite monastery by helping with their needs in the outside world while they were enclosed.  George Carter was well known for transporting altar boys for the early morning mass at the Carmelite Monastery.  George drove a Cadillac and was not shy about honking the horn to let the altar boy know his ride was awaiting.


Comments:  Are there any former altar boys who can share a story about George Carter and what it was like inside the Monastery?