Born: 1868

Died: February 17, 1912


Children: Olive Fuller Golden, Ruth Fuller Golden, Mignonne Golden

George Fuller Golden was a popular vaudeville entertainer at the beginning of the 20th century. He is listed in the 1908 Village Directory at 35 Woodland Avenue.

He is best known for his monologues about his fictional friend Casey. He was the founder of the White Rats, a labor union for vaudeville performers. Golden wrote a book about the White Rats, My Lady Vaudeville and her White Rats, which was published in 1909 by the Broadway Publishing Company.

He was also a prizefighter.

His three daughters all became film actresses.

Golden died of tuberculosis.


Plattsburgh Press, May 29, 1906


George Fuller Golden, the famous monologist, who has been in Saranac Lake since his return from his Australian trip, has bought one of the largest cottages in the village and will make his permanent home here at least during the summer months. Mr. Golden left for a short stay in New York Saturday evening. It is hoped that he may be persuaded to give a monologue here later, in the season, as his appearance at the San Francisco benefit made him immensely popular with the visitors as well as the residents who were fortunate enough to hear him.