Born: May 3, 1875


Married: Lulu Fowler Bryan; French operatic contralto Jeanne Gerville-Réache, 1910

Children: Paul Gibier and Georges Rene

Dr. George Gibier Rambaud was head of the head of the Pasteur Institute of New York City. He lived at the St. Luke's Rectory in 1905.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, February 17, 1970

The Year 1908 – The New York Herald on Saturday had the following concerning a former resident of Saranac Lake. Dr. George Gibier Rambaud, head of the Pasteur Institute of this city, arrived yesterday on the steamship "Provence", bringing with him a new serum which, he says, will be a powerful aid in the prevention of rabies.

"It is the discovery of Dr. Auguste Marie, chief of the laboratory of the Pasteur Institute of Paris. Dr. Rambaud on hearing of it went to Paris last May where he observed experiments with the remedy and he returns thoroughly convinced of its efficacy. The serum is prepared by immunizing sheep which are inoculated with the virus of rabies. The physician said it was administered in combination with the virus now employed in the Pasteur treatment, which is obtained from rabbits.

"The new serum makes possible at once the use of the strongest virus thus saving as much as two weeks. With the Pasteur treatment as it has been used since its discovery this full immunity is not reached until five weeks after the first injection has been given. In cases of severe bites upon the face rabies develop much more quickly than if the bite were on the limbs. Of the 800 cases brought to the institute only one death occurred when the Pasteur treatment had run its course. There were several other deaths but they were cases in which there was not time owing to the delay in submitting them to treatment. With the serum I should think that there would not be more than one death in one thousand cases.

"Dr. Rambaud has brought with him a supply of serum sufficient for five weeks and he will at once begin the preparation of a supply of his own which will be ready by the time the imported serum has been exhausted."

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