Part of the George LaBounty farm appears at the bottom of this map. The section of Algonquin Avenue running north up the center of this map is presently New York Route 3. (undated) Born: March 12, 1848 Wilmington, New York, a son of Alexis Labounty and Mary Scafe

Died: 1928

Married: Lydia A. Morrow

Children: 3 including: Carrie M. Labounty Blauvelt of Ridgefield, New Jersey; Frank LaBounty of Metcalf, Arizona. The 3rd child was most likely Charley A. Labounty died February 2, 1872 son of Geo. & L. buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

George Labounty arrived in the area before 1860 with his family. He was the proprietor of L'Esperance House. He owned a farm that was due south of the easterly extension of the center line of the westerly portion of Algonquin Avenue (see diagram).

Malone Palladium, March 11, 1897

Senator Chahoon has introduced this week a bill to appropriate for the term of five years all the non-resident highway taxes in townships 28, 34, 26 and 27 in Macomb's Purchase, Great Tract No. 1 in Franklin county, such sums to be used for the improvement of the highway from the western line of George Labounty's farm lot in the town of Harrietstown, Franklin county, westerly to Rustic Lodge, on Upper Saranac Lake. Charles Corey is named as a commissioner to carry out the provisions of this act, and is to receive $1.50 for each day's service.