Died: July 8, 1902

Married: yes

Children: One daughter

George T. Chellis was a surveyor, civil engineer, contractor and builder. He lived in Lake Placid, but his work as a surveyor in this area survives in deeds and property descriptions to this day.

Malone Farmer, July 16, 1902

George T. Chellis, a well-known resident, of Lake Placid, who did considerable work in that locality as a civil engineer, and who, as a contractor and builder, erected many of the Lake Placid cottages, died at his home in that village on Tuesday of last week.

Elizabethtown Post and Gazette, December 25, 1902

Report of Special Committee on the Death of George T. Chellis.

Mr. Wood, chairman of the special committee to prepare resolutions on the death of George T. Chellis, submitted and read the following preamble and resolutions: To the Hon Board of Supervisors of the County of Essex:


Your committee, appointed by this Board, respectfully submit the following preamble and resolution upon the death of George T. Chellis, a former member of this body, viz:

Whereas, By the death of George T. Chellis, we are again reminded that there is an appointed time to man on earth, and sooner or later death stealeth in and taketh us away one by one.

When in May last he was taken il at his home in Newman, little did any one think it would be his last sickness.

He grew gradually worse, and all that medical skill could do for his relief was done. At times he would rally, and hopes were entertained for his recovery; but all of no avail. He suffered until the 8th day of June, when he passed to that unknown world from whose bourne no traveler returns.

He was several times a member of this Board, and had held several minor offices of his town; owing to his intelligent judgment, and knowledge of town and county affairs and other matters in general, his advice was eagerly sought by his associates, which was readily and willingly given, always anxious to aid and assist in every manner possible.

His home relations were very affectionate and tender. He leaves a wife and one daughter to mourn the loss of a faithful and devoted husband and father.

As a member of this Board, and the other offices to which he had been called, he sought to serve the best interests of the people, and in his death the town of North Elba, the, County of Essex and the State has lost a faithful servant and humanity a friend.

It is deemed proper that this Board take suitable action in the matter, and that they place upon the records a fitting tribute to his memory; therefore be it

Resolved, That while we lament his death, we will cherish his memory and bow in humble submission to the decree and will of the Divine Master; and be it further

Resolved, That as a testimony of respect to the memory of the deceased, this preamble and resolutions be printed in our Journal, and that a copy of the same, signed by all the members of this Honorable Boards be sent to the family of the deceased by the clerk of this Board with the seal of the Board thereto attached.