George and Ruth Turner used to have a summer home at Breezy Acres. My mother, Dorothy Turner and my aunts summered there during their childhood years. I was there a couple of times in my early childhood. My grandparents sold the home in the '60s when my grandfather took ill and there were no sons to leave the property to. Their neighbours, I believe, were the Halls and the Christies. My mother always spoke of Saranac Lake and the fun they had in the summer. Their family home was in Montreal, Quebec. The years my mother summered there was from the 1940s to the late '50s. While in Saranac Lake, the family liked to visit Fish Creek. Sadie Hall was a friend of the family. — Dawn Richardson, granddaughter of George and Ruth Turner, October 10, 2009

In front of the cabin at Breezy Acres. Ruth Turner is on the left, Dorothy third from left, photo of Dawn Richardson. Dorothy Turner, wearing the necklace, photo of Dawn Richardson. George Turner in Saranac Lake, photo of Dawn Richardson. Photo of Dawn Richardson. George Turner on the right, photo of Dawn Richardson. Dorothy Turner's sister at the town beach on Lake Flower, photo of Dawn Richardson.