Born: March 5, 1906

Died: October 19, 1935

Married: Walter Brown on April 12, 1925

Children: Tom Watson Brown, b. January 28, 1933

Georgia Watson Lee Brown was the granddaughter of Thomas E. Watson. He was the leader of the southern Populists, a Congressman, U.S. Senator and the Populist Party's VP candidate in 1896, its presidential candidate in 1904 and 1908.

Georgia came to Saranac Lake with TB the second week of June, 1934, after a previous stay in Asheville, North Carolina, leaving her husband and one-year-old son in Washington, DC. She stayed in the Smithwick Cottage at 60 Park Avenue where Walker Percy would later stay. She was treated by Drs. Lawrason Brown and Joseph T. Eagan. She died October 19, 1935, at age 29.


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