Born: November 14, 1891

Died: June 28, 1973

Married: Mary Carter Mullikin

Children: Thomas Wildman Lockwood, Carter Lockwood (married May Lou)

H[omer] Winthrop Lockwood was active in the the American Legion, the Saranac Lake Golf Club, the Turtle Pond Club, and the Saranac Lake Boat and Waterways Club.

Malone Farmer, May 18, 1927


Hurled from his speedboat when the steering-gear broke while he was piloting the craft on a trial spin around lower Saranac Lake Thursday morning, H. W. Lockwood, formerly of Washington, D. C, now a resident of The Pines, Saranac Lake, was saved from drowning only by heroic work of Harry E. Duso, manager of the Crescent bay boathouse, and Herb Williams, caretaker of the Guggenheim camp, who went to his rescue.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, December 27, 1966

H. Winthrop Lockwood, of Turtle Pond, flew up from Florida with his son Tommy, and is now stopping at Northwoods, 9 Church Street.  Win says: “I’ll trade this white stuff for coconuts any time.” Sounds as though he didn't bring his skis.