Born: Hurum, Norway, on October 31, 1914 ("Krigsseileren" says he was born in 1897)

Died: Sanatorium Gabriels, on July 17, 1945

Haakon Andreas Engh was one of the Norwegian Sailors who cured in Saranac Lake during World War II. He was a carpenter, and was injured after three torpedoeings of his ship, Alar. 1 He was admitted to Sanatorium Gabriels where he died on July 17, 1945. Unfortunately, no "Report of a Case of Tuberculosis" card was found for him in the Adirondack Collection of the Saranac Lake Free Library. Trygve Magnussen also stayed at Sanatorium Gabriels; they must have known one another. Both men died here and are buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery with the other Norwegian sailors.

Source: - A Norwegian site (in English) that gives brief biographies and photos of each of the sailors



1. There is some doubt as to whether he was torpedoed, and on what ship (see source)