Half Way Motel, 2011 Address: New York Route 86 and Wolf Pond Way, Ray Brook

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The Half Way Motel was a motel owned by Wayne Bickford in 1998. In 2000 it was owned by Kevin and Kim Wetherbee.  Earlier, it was owned by the Dupree family.

From the Lake Placid-North Elba Historic Preservation Commission, September 30, 1991, Ray Brook Auto Tourist Accommodations section:

The Half Way Motel is a crescent of cottages (eleven rooms) anchored on the east end by a two-and-a-half story house converted to the motel office, and on the west end [in 1991] by the Borne and Bread bakery. The house is notable for the open, ground level veranda on its east and south sides and the Palladian-inspired windows in the east and west gable ends.

Log Haven has sixteen rooms in log and rustic cabins scattered in the woods off the road behind the Half-Way Motel. They are simpler, more standardized, and less picturesque than the Sherwood Forest buildings [nearby].


Half Way Motel, 1991


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