From left: Harriet Martin, Mildred McMaster, unknown, at Trudeau Sanatorium, July 27, 1905. Courtesy of Sarah Blanchet.

Born: c. 1873




Harriet "Hatty" Martin "cured" at Trudeau Sanatorium with with Mildred McMaster and Sidney F. Blanchet; later she was a schoolteacher in New York city. She would come up to Saranac every Christmas, and Jeremy Blanchet and his brothers would go fetch her from the railroad station and bring her luggage home on a sled.

She had a little house that she built in the forest way out Lake Flower Avenue. The boys loved to go visit her at the cabin. She had two long haired cats, and she was always telling Jeremy and his brothers about the adventures of her cats, Juta and Peggy.

She bought a Ford automobile when she was middle aged - she didn't drive well and had little accidents. Gray Blanchet was amused at the way she ran into things; he had a room in her house on 308 W 98th. Jeremy says that Gray moved to New York because Mildred thought it wouldn't be good for him to stay in Saranac - he wouldn't grow up well enough. Saranac was a funny little town.

Harriet wrote the following to Jeremy Blanchet in October 1950 when she was seventy-seven and ill:

"(This)... is a powerful part of my faith. The belief that we should enjoy every lovely thing that comes our way, - and I mean, now. Not spiritual loveliness, but that enjoyed by all our senses, “lest the all giver be unthanked.” There is so much to please and delight us all around us if we keep our hearts open to it. 1



1. Private letter to Jeremy Blanchet